Cloud Solution for Global Team Engagement at Your Fingertips

Senior marketing manager

Effective management of global teams is one of the most common issues for Localization services providers. Many LSPs are looking for ways to minimize their costs and time through automation. Generally, LSPs perform localization services engaging both their in-house staff and sub-contractors who are usually located all over the world.

To address this challenge, ELEKS has developed a cloud-base system that can be used by both subcontractors and in-house teams. This system allows for a full automation of products installation needed for the teams, whereas automation is synchronized with the products localization process. 

The cloud solution has already shown its numerous benefits:
·measurability by projects, resources, hours
·increased efficiency
·decreased deployment and support (in man-hours)
·centralized storage and management system
·easier support and daily backups
·server uptime – 99.8%

The solution was showcased at Localization World Conference in Seattle 2012 by Taras Tovstyak.The presentation included the case study and the tasty features of cloud system. Also there was presented a glimpse into the future of localization –the video of Dynamic Localization in action.