The_Force_is_Strong_with_Sphero_Apple_Watch_ELEKSlabs_small Experiments Mobility & Wearables Software Engineering

The Force is Strong with Sphero (and Apple Watch)

Back2Pack1_ELEKSLabs_small Experiments

Back2Pack: Christmas Virtual Reality Game by ELEKS

Awaken_Force_with_Kinect_and_Sphero_ELEKSlabs_small Experiments Software Engineering

Awaken the Force with Kinect and Sphero

How_we_Combined_3D_Mobile_We_Virtual_Reality_ELEKSlabs_small Experiments Mobility & Wearables UX

How we Combined 3D, Mobile Web and Virtual Reality to Explore Car Interiors Online

Wearables_Clutch_ELEKSlabs_small_1 Mobility & Wearables

New Research on Wearables Featuring ELEKS

Ranorex and Visual Studio Integration QA Tools

Building Ranorex Framework with Visual Studio

RaspberryPI2_Windows10_IoT_Netatmo_SmartHouse_Controller_ELEKSlabs_small Experiments

Raspberry PI 2 + MS Windows 10 IoT + Netatmo API = Smart House Controller

Beacons Nearables Apple Watch Android Wear ELEKSlabs Experiments Mobility & Wearables

Nearables Wearables: Connecting Beacons with Smartwatches for Indoor Positioning